National Geographic Kids Books that are a Perfect Fit for any Easter Basket

Disclosure:  National Geographic Kids Books provided product to facilitate this review.  All opinions stated are my own.

My kids are getting older, so the days of filling an Easter Basket with bubbles and jelly beans are long gone.  We often do a summer theme with new swim suits and goggles, but always try to give them books as well.  My kids are voracious readers and are constantly looking for fresh material, so this has worked out great for us.

My boys are huge fans of all the National Geographic Kids books, which is why they are an easy go-to choice.  Here are some of my top choices for Easter:

For the little ones, check out:

A Seed is the Start (hardcover picture book, ages 6-9, $17.99) – Spring is about to, well, spring into action, and the magical seed is where it all begins.  Beautiful photography and lyrical text pair with comprehensive picture captions in award-winning author Melissa Stewart’s story about the surprisingly diverse world of seeds. Learn all about the plant cycle, from how seeds grow, the fascinating ways they travel, and what it takes for a seed to become a plant. The magic of spring, revealed!

Somebunny Loves Me (hardcover picture book, ages 4-8, $16.99) by Parry Gripp. Parry is an Emmy-winning singer-songwriter whose quirky, popular tunes, including “Nom, nom, nom” and “It’s Raining Tacos” have made his YouTube channel a smash hit with nearly 140 million views. He is an avid animal lover and his bunny Bruno is often the inspiration behind so many of his songs.  In Somebunny Loves Me, Parry’s sweet and silly rhymes are cleverly written to share how children can best understand, appreciate and interact with a variety of fuzzy, feathered or scaly pals.  Paired with adorable, full-page photographs, Parry also includes a personal note in the back of the book giving kids and their parents more tips on how to be good pet owners — from how to keep pets safe, clean and healthy to how to best interact with them and even pointers on on how to make a pet music video.


For the big kids, check out:

100 Ways to Make the World Better (paperback, ages 8-12, $9.99) – Who says kids can’t change the world? If they’ve got the will, Nat Geo Kids can guide the way, with doable activities, hands-on projects, advice from National Geographic explorers, interviews with experts, weird-but-true facts, and more inspiration.  In keeping with the Nat Geo Kids mission, the book is full of practical, positive, and powerful ideas that every kid can consider, from simple acts of kindness to creative adventures to good-for-the-planet projects.  Ideas are presented as simple concepts with engaging graphics and photographs, and many are followed by detailed supporting information. Kids get a sense of their own power to make a difference and an understanding of what actions contribute to positive outcomes. Sometimes all it takes is starting with something simple, and before you know it, together we’ve reshaped our planet for the better.

Who’s Who in the Bible (hardcover, ages 8-12, $14.99) – Everyone you need to know from the old and new testaments!  From Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to Paul’s ministry to the ancient world, this beautiful book pairs need-to-know information about biblical personalities with timeless artwork. Each vibrant, colorful profile is accompanied by fast facts, including which books of the Bible the person appears in and what he or she is best known for. Feature spreads cover the history, archaeology, and geography associated with notable individuals. An alphabetical index covering more names not mentioned in profiles ensures that kids reading the Bible never have to ask, “Who’s that?”

National Geographic Kids Books are always vibrant in color and hold up well.  I enjoyed the Who’s Who book as much as the kids and I love that my boys can learn easy ways to give back with the 100 Ways.  I have made a page on Amazon with all the products found here for easy purchase:

To purchase these books, find more fun titles or learn more about National Geographic Kids Books be sure to check out their website: and then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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