Safely Unclog Ears with Eustachi

Disclosure: Eustachi provided product for review.  All opinions stated are my own.

Spring time in New Orleans in like a pollen party!  My car pretty much stays with a coat of yellow on it, thanks to all the pollen floating around.  While I stay on allergy medicine, my ears are under constant pressure and I am always looking for relief.

Eustachi is an all-natural, simple to use product to combat clogged ears and the unpleasant and disorienting feelings that come with it.  Eustachi works along with the body’s natural process of swallowing, helping open the Eustachian tubes while you swallow by blowing a small amount of regulated air into one of your nostrils. The air, along with your body’s natural swallowing mechanism, helps exercise the Eustachian tubes. Use Eustachi when your ears feel plugged such as during an airplane flight, after swimming or diving, or when you’re suffering from allergies, sinus congestion or a cold.
Key features:
• Drug-free, safe, and simple to use
• Helps exercise your Eustachian tubes naturally anytime, anywhere using just a little air
• Lightweight, battery operated, re-usable

The Eustachi is super easy to use and helps to relieve the pressure left behind by my allergies.  Even the kids don’t mind using it!  I will definitely be packing it in my travel bag from now on, since I struggle with flying as well.

Eustachi retails for $59.95 and can be purchased in nearly 4,000 retail stores nationwide including Target, CVS Pharmacy and Amazon.  To learn more about this product, be sure to visit their site  To stay social, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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