Stay Cool with Water Fun and Dixie Ultra to #SavorSummer

Dixie Ultra provided compensation to facilitate this post.  All opinions stated are my own.

It is official that summer is in full swing, and I can tell by how high the temperatures have gotten lately!  We are already hitting the 90’s down here in New Orleans and that does not even begin to describe the humidity.  Some days the only way to survive in this heat is to cool off with some water fun!  This past weekend we chose to cool off at a local splash park to beat the heat, and as you can see, the kids had a blast!

Dixie Water Play

Whether it is at a water park, the pool, are even just the sprinkler in the backyard, my boys love the water!  Their only complaint is that they have to dry off to eat when they get hungry.  Thanks to Dixie Ultra, they don’t have to dry off to eat a quick snack or picnic lunch outside, and can head back to play with less fuss!  Their fun summer line is not only cute, but totally functional and does not leak or bend, even with water droplets from kiddie fingers.


dixie ultra

To celebrate all things summer, Dixie launched their #SavorSummer sweepstakes, and they just kicked off theme two “Water Play”!

Be sure to visit the Dixie Facebook Page for details on how to enter.  This leg of the contest will run till July 12th, so head on over for your chance to win some fun items for your family to have “Water Play” time!  For additional information about this sweepstakes, visit Dixie’s Contest Page.

To stay social with Dixie, you can connect with them on:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  To join in the conversation, be sure to use #SavorSummer.


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  1. Water fun is THE best fun for cooling down! The pictures are cute. :) Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  2. It’s getting hot and muggy in my part of the country, so outdoor water fun is a must. Glad Dixie Ultra is able to stand up to everything my kids can throw at it!

  3. The kids look like they are having a blast! I need to get in some splashing soon!

  4. For once we have had a few lovely days so it looks like this weekend if the weather stays good we will be heading to the nearby water park.

  5. My memories of dixie are the small bathroom cups! Looks like your guys had a good time at the splashpad

  6. I’m all about more time for fun! We love Dixie products!

  7. Great pictures. We love water play too!

  8. Our boys adore the water. They just finished up a round of water gun fighting. I’ll have to check out the sweeps!

  9. That looks like a super fun water park. We need to find something like that close to home!

  10. It’s getting much hotter here in NC. We’re SO lucky to have a splash pad downtown now! My son loves it there (and I don’t pay the water bill.)

  11. It’s hot in Texas but we’re expecting it to get even hotter in a couple weeks! We use Dixie products often for grilling out.

  12. Dixie products sure have changed! Looks like a great day cooling off in the water!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Dixie brand always makes me think of summer’s as a kid eating corn on the cob by the pool. And they’re good as ever…

  14. Beth@FrugalFroggie says:

    Looks like fun at the water park. We are going to hit 90s this week in Kansas City.

  15. We just went to the splash park today! Thanks for letting me know about the contest!

  16. I am such a big kid…I want to go to a Water Park and play around!

  17. OH this is great news, I love the brand. Always a go to for me. I think this campaign will be a rockin’ one for them to have around! Great picture of the kids playing in water, we are avid water lovers for both play and drink :)

  18. I always have a big package of Dixie plates in the house. They’re the only ones that hold up!

  19. How fun, the perfect way to beat the heat! I can’t wait until our daughter is old enough for the water park.

  20. How fun! We love Dixie! It’s nice to have them around!

  21. Water play really is the best kind! We played in sprinklers and baby pools yesterday!

  22. we love water play. hoping to hit the pool later today

  23. We hit the water park a week ago, and Dixie cups made an appearance at last nights BBQ. You’ve gotta love the summer.

  24. We havent been to a water park yet. I love Dixie cups!

  25. There are nothing like water parks in the summer. We just went this weekend and I got burned big time! I forgot my sunscreen. ouch!

  26. My boys would love hanging at the pool or waterpark. They look like they are having some fun.

  27. I’ve heard of splash parks before but never knew what they were referring to. It looks like your kiddos had a blast at the park.

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