Take a Mommy Time Out with Netflix this June! #StreamTeam

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With summer in full swing and the kids out of school, let’s face it, us moms definitely need a lot of “me time”.  One of my favorite ways to unwind is to binge watch a one of my favorite series on Neflix.  I will totally admit to doing a happy dance when my Netflix app dings at me, letting me know that a new season of my shows has just been added.  This week was awesome, because I got TWO awesome dings!


Now, I get to tell you all about my guilty pleasures, at least during my TV time.  This week I caught up on Season 4 of “The Glades” and am now halfway through Season 4 of “Pretty Little Liars”.  “The Glades” is and A&E cop drama, with a super cute detective, and I totally hate the way this season ended!  I know that “Pretty Little Liars” is probably meant for a younger generation, but I have been hooked on this show since the beginning.  Ever time I think these girls will get answers, another question pops up!


On my to watch list is Season 2 for both “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black”.  Both of these Netflix originals are awesome and I can’t wait to catch up, before I start seeing spoilers.  Lets face, there are not enough hours in the day, and my mommy time is relegated to after bedtime.LOL

Some of my other favorite series on Netflix are: Scandal, Arrow, and Supernatural.

What is your favorite show to wind down with?

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  1. I need to catch Orange is the New Black! I’ve heard great things! I’m currently catching up on Call The Midwife.

  2. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition says:

    We love Netflix and have been watching Weeds. I love being about to go straight through an entire season/series (although not all at once….)

  3. I haven’t tried the netflix app! I love netflix too and am a big binge watcher! I just finished House and Drop Dead Diva. I wish they would put Criminal minds on there!

  4. This is awesome. I am such a Netflix junkie. I can’t go one day without adding or watching something in my queue.

  5. Gosh, we’ve been living off of Netflix this summer. My girls are rewatching PLL, my hubby is watching all the horror and my 5 yr. old has been watching her shows on my phone.

  6. First I am totally signing up for the Netflix StreamTeam I have been a customer since they first came out with service…and favorite show is definitely ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK!!

  7. I love my netflix. I actually just started to watch Pretty Little Liars. Prior to that I watched all of Weeds! I’m a binge watcher!

  8. I want to sign up for the stream team! I am a total Netflix junkie…currently watching Orange is the New Black season 2

  9. I adore ‘The Glades!’ I’m so sad that it ends with Season 4 (which I’m starting tonight) so I’m trying to drag it out a little.

  10. OINB is my Hubs new favorite show. I’m looking forward to Murder in the First….looks like a good one for summer and also The Dome!

  11. Everyone I know watches OITNB. I need to get on the Netflix train!

  12. There are so many we watch.

    Dexter, Scandal, OITNB, and more

  13. We love netflix here – we have it on the Wii, PS3, Nabi tablet, laptop .. it’s been our go to since canceling cable. I love any show, but haven’t no yet seen this show … I know I should, so many are talking about it on FB.

  14. Can I admit I’ve NEVER seen PLL. Friends have told me I have to see it but right now I’m slowly watching Orange Is The New Black season 2. It’s so hard to watch it with a 9yo and 4yo at home :/

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