Be Winter Storm Ready with Rayovac Alkaline Batteries

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I know it might be odd to have a Southerner advising on you on Winter Storm Preparedness, and while I have not had to brace for many winter storms in my life, I do have some experience with preparing for Hurricanes.  One thing that I know is essential in all storm survival packs are batteries!


While we usually have a stash of batteries, with Christmas just behind us, our stash is gone and we would be in big trouble if a storm were coming our way.  While most people think batteries necessary for flashlights, I can guarantee you will also want a few extra batteries for your kids electronics if your power is out.

Most people now what basics they need for storm survival, such as:  batteries, flashlights, water, non-perishable foods, and extra medicine.  But, lets talk about how to keep the kids entertained for the days that you might not have power.  Here are a list of a few items to keep on hand, and it is always better if the kids have already played with these items:

1) Puzzles

2) Temporary Tattoos

3) Mad Libs

4) Extra Flashlights (for the kids to each have their own)

5) Lots of Rayovac Alkaline Batteries

6) Board Games

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