Breathe Easier with the Atem and AirVisual Pro from IQAir

Disclosure: IQAir provided product to facilitate this post.  All opinions stated are my own.

Things are heating up down here in New Orleans.  Allergens are at their high, pets are shedding, and mold is just blossoming from the humidity in the air.  This mixture can contribute to air quality issues, along with causing everyone in the house to have a stuffy nose.

For over 50 years, IQAir has been at the forefront of technology in clean air.  Their newest products include the:

Atem – a personal air purifier that is small enough to fit on your desk and creates a personal clean air zone.  Atem’s PureJet diffuser allows you to create a clean air bubble.  While some room air purifiers may take hours to clean the air, the Atem immediately delivers clean air to where you need it most, your breathing zone.  This device is easily portable and comes with its own carrying case.  It is also Bluetooth equipped and once you download the app, you can control this purifier from your phone.  The Atem is available in Black or White and retails for $399.00.

Air Visual Pro – gives accurate readings of both PM2.5 (harmful particulate matter that is small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier), as well as CO2. AirVisual Pro then instructs users what they can do to improve their air quality. It is accompanied by an App that allows you to monitor your air quality from anywhere, as well as access the largest air quality monitoring system in the world, providing air quality data from numerous locations around the globe.  The Air Visual Pro retails for $269.00.

The Atem was easy to set up and is easy to tote around.  I have mine set up in my bedroom next to my bed.  It is quiet and produces the small flow of air.  I love the it rotates, so you can change the position of the air flow.  We have many different air purifiers set up around the house, but this one is by far the quietest.

The Air Visual Pro was also easy to set up and is small, so it can be placed out of the way like a window sill. I like knowing what the air quality is inside my house, where I can actually make changes and improve the air that we are breathing.  This device is also portable, so it can be taken along with you when you travel.

The Atem and Air Visual Pro can be purchased at  To stay social with IQAir, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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