Crunchmaster Crackers Offers a Gluten Free Snacking Option for Kids

When we get home from the school, the boys head straight for the kitchen.  I try to steer them away from sugary snacks and cookies, because dinner is around the corner and we still have homework to do.  Recently, Crunchmaster Crackers sent me some of their Kids Crisps and Crackers for my family to try.  […]

Explain Lice the Fun Way with “Bugs in My Hair” by David Shannon: #Giveaway

Our house has been way lucky when it comes to lice, but if you are like me, you cringe every time one of those notices come home from school.  That night I will comb through the little bit of hair that my boys have and freak over every speck I find.  Explaining to them what […]

Naturino Shoes are the Perfect Fashion Statement for Kids: #Review

Shoes are one of my weaknesses!  To shoe shop, for me, is to be happy.  When my boys came along, I must admit that I was disappointed in my selection.  All their options seemed to be just basic and nothing fun.  The problem is, I want the shoes to not only be cute, but also […]

Get School Shoes that will Last the Year From New Balance: Review

Nothing is more disappointing than when my kids shoes fall apart, before they actually outgrow them!  For the last two years, I have gotten Wyatt a pair of New Balance shoes at the beginning of the school year and they have lasted till the end.  So, this year when it was time to do our […]

Tyson Bread Bowls Simplifies Breakfast and Supports KNOW Hunger: #TysonBreakfast #CBias

Breakfast is a whirlwind at my house.  Actually, truth be told, the whole morning is a blur.  The kids wake up about 40 minutes before we must be at the bus stop, which means that breakfast must be a quick fix.  So, when I heard about Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls, I was interested to learn […]