Star Wars Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

My husband is a total Star Wars fanatic!  And, it is easily my go to gifts for him for every occasion.  I have bought prints, helmets, trading cards and much more.  This year, I had him sit down and make me a list, so that I know what to get and can share some insight with all my mom friends!  So, without further ado, here you go:


1. Star Wars Themed Sunglasses from Foster Grant – These even come in really cool box sets.  Prices are around $20.
2. Star Wars Helmets from Anovos  – Replica helmets just like you see in the movies.  Prices vary, but the one shown below is $550.  I have purchased a helmet from them before and my husband was pleased.
3. Millennium Falcon Clock from Etsy – A wood clock that looks like the Millennium Falcon.  Retails for $39.99 and up.
4. BB-8 Waffle Maker from Think Geek – Because we all know waffles taste better when they look like BB-8.  Retails for $17.99.
5. Smugglers Bounty –  Box subscription for monthly deliveries of all things galactic, including Pops, Tees, Mugs, Pins and more.  Prices are $25/month or $150/year.
6. Star Wars Comic Subscription from Marvel Comics Group – Your favorite guy will receive one comic book a month for the year.  Retails for $28.96.
7. Pre-order Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4 / X BOX 1) – Second installment of this game, which has been played for many hours in my house by all my boys.  Price is $79.99.
8. Star Wars ArtFX Statues – Statues of all your guy’s favorite characters.  Prices range from around $55 to $120.
9. Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella from Disney – Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Umbrella which lights up in the distinctive blue glow of the Jedi weapon. The canopy features the Rebel Alliance’s crest so you can team up to battle the Forces of nature. Price is $64.95.
10. Death Star USB wall charger from Hot Topic – This two USB wall charger is shaped like the Death Star, need I say more?!?  Price is $35.60.
11. Star Wars Vinyl Clock from Etsy – Apparently clocks are big thing in the Empire.  These clocks are made from old vinyl records and there are multiple styles to choose from.  Price $23.
12. Star Wars Socks from – Socks patterned with all your favorite Star Wars Characters.  Even available in box sets.   Pricing starts at $20.




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  1. I need to get that waffle maker fro my husband. I say it’s for him, but it’s really for the entire family. We love waffles almost as much as we love Star Wars!

  2. My husband is chomping at the bit for Battlefront II, especially since he heard that it’s going to have a story mode this time. I can’t wait to see his face!

  3. Any of these would be great gifts for any Star Wars loving dad. My husband would love that clock. He’s into geeky decorating.

  4. This is the perfect list for Father’s Day gift ideas for the Star Wars fan, glad you shared the list. I know I will be selecting a few things off this for gift giving this Father’s Day season!

  5. Amazing gifts for the Star Wars fan that any Dad would love. I have got to get that waffle maker for my husband who loves to cook.

  6. Star Wars is always a great idea for dads! I think these are all awesome gifts that fathers will definitely enjoy and would love to have.

  7. brianne says:

    This is such a great roundup. I will have to keep this in my for sons birthday!

  8. Angela Milnes says:

    It really looks cute and a perfect gift ideas for fathers day, My hubby would surely love this for sure

  9. What a fun list for Dad.
    I could see many dads that are into Star Wars greatly appreciating of any of these gifts

  10. Oh gosh, I want those socks! As someone who is just over 40, I pretty much grew up with Star Wars. My cousins still have some of the original toys we used to play with. These are great ideas for fans!

  11. Dogvills says:

    Thank you for the awesome list. My husband likes Star Wars but he is not really into buying themed stuff. I will share this with my friend who is everything Star Wars. She’ll flip over these stuff.

  12. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    These are all great gift ideas for Star Wars fans. I would love the socks for myself. If I were to choose from this list for a gift for the hubby, I think he’d love the Death Star USB wall charger.

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